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Penetrex   is a patented self sealing septum made from special resin that is molded into the center of virtually any size screw cap closure. The Penetrex   septum is pierce-able by standard pipette tips and/or blunt devices as an oral medication syringe. Thus making the Penetrex    septum the most efficient and safe solution for the extraction of liquid.


•    Laboratories, and/or collection sites no longer need to open specimen container and pour specimen into tubes for testing
•    Avoid Spillage
•    Reduce the risk of cross contamination
•   Increase laboratory efficiencies
•    Reduce cost of handling samples
•    Tamper proof protected

SealSafe  Dosing adapter Pack

SealSafe    Packs only available in 100 quantity. Sizes available are 20mm, 24mm, 28mm. Also cuts available are Pierced, slit, and Z-cut.  See more Details by clicking the button below.

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